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Childbirth Education

$65/Hour or $300 for 5/Week Course

Safe and Healthy Pregnancy, Physiology of Birth, Birth/Postpartum Periods; Non-Medicated Pain Management; Birth Partner Support 

Comfort Measures for Labor

$200 for 2-Hour Course

Breathing, Massage, Hydrotherapy, Movement and Positions, Vocalization, Tools, and Physical Support for All Stages of Labor 

Preparing for the Postpartum

$200 for 2-Hour Course & Postpartum Planner

What to Expect, Physical and Emotional Needs, Sleep Support, Newborn Feeding, Baby Characteristics and Care, Parenting Practices


Lactation Education & Counseling

$200 for 2-Hour Session &
1 Month Text/Call Support

 Proper Latch, Position Techniques, Breastfeeding Management, Back-to-Work, Partner/Family Support, Plus More!

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